Lady Gaga and Google Chrome Team Up for New Commercial

Last night as I was watching the Dancing With the Stars Finale, this commercial came on telling the story of Lady Gaga and how she stays connected to her fans by using the web. Even though I am not a Little Monster, as her fans are called, I have to admit: I was moved. “The web is what you make of it,” ends the commercial, and it’s true. The web is simply a tool, but a powerful one, that has enabled the world to connect in ways they were never able to before.

This aspect of connection is a huge one for all of us humans with emotional needs. The web has given us a platform to interact and communicate with others on a grand scale, fulfilling a need in us that perhaps couldn’t be met in one way or another in our daily lives.

This is huge for celebrities and fans alike, because now – through tweets, status updates, comments, and the like – they are actually a part of each other’s lives, whereas before they felt so much more distant.

Take Lady Gaga for example. She was the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube; she beat President Barack Obama to 10 million Facebook fans (she now has close to 35 million); and most recently, she was the first Twitter user to acquire 10 million followers (source: Lady Gaga communicates directly with her fans; they know they will get something in return for their investment in her.

Of course, Gaga does have an entire marketing team behind her. But it is her direct involvement and ongoing dialogue with her followers that makes her such a phenomenon. The web is what you make of it, indeed.


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