CLVR Platform

Our proprietary content management platform serves not only as a launching pad for your CLVR videos, but also allows you to build your own unique video community.

The platform showcases your content, serves as a content distribution hub for your social media outlets, provides valuable search engine optimization (SEO) triggers, and generates valuable intelligence in the form of detailed analytics.


  • Content Management – Equips administrators to organize videos and assign valuable search engine optimization data.
  • Distribution Hub – Automatically broadcasts your community content to your online distribution points including your social media outlets.
  • Intelligence Gathering – Gathers valuable marketing analytics to test, measure and fine-tune video campaigns.


  • Create – Develop short “quick-vids” using your own digital assets, such as photos, charts, music and more.
  • Organize – Create content categories and provide visitors easy to use search tools.
  • Distribute – Distribute videos to target audiences through our content broadcasting tool (social media sites, blogs, YouTube, websites, etc.)
  • Promote – Generate powerful search engine optimization results through site mapping, content indexing, strategic linking, and unique URL’s.
  • Analyze – Capture valuable analytics on every viewing experience to fine tune target audiences, message delivery, interaction captures, and distribution channels.


Monthly Subscription – Customer branded Platforms start at $1,500 per month and include site set-up, administrative training and ongoing customer support.


  • CLVR offers video consulting, production and editing if outsourcing is needed for some or all of your video initiatives.
  • CLVR can help build a marketing strategy around your video campaigns so you are reaching the potential viewers you want to convert.
  • CLVR offers administrative services for your video campaigns, including content, distribution and reporting management.