CLVR Player

Our state-of-the-art video player allows you to upload any type of video content, tag any object in the video (people, places, products) and assign interactions (book, buy, find, follow, share, and contact) to those objects.

Each of these interactions is customizable and follows the video wherever it is distributed. Passive videos are now transformed into CLVR videos that serve as viral shopping carts, booking agents, lead generators, and social conversations that drive measurable results.


  • Interface – Enhances any viewing experience and allows for emotional engagements while providing subtle conversion opportunities.
  • Integration – Communicates with many online applications, thereby keeping the viewer engaged in the video experience.
  • Reach – Broadens your reach as the interactive functionality travels with each CLVR video across the web.
  • Customization – Customizes each interactive module to adopt branding standards.


  • Device Compatibility – Plays on any Flash device. (Coming soon: HTML 5)
  • Video Content – Accommodates most video formats, including AVI, MPEG and MOV.
  • Video Optimization – Compresses data rich CLVR video files to stream at accepted industry standards.
  • Video Delivery – Streams CLVR videos via the Amazon CLOUD for minimal latency, no matter how many viewers interact simultaneously.
  • Video Distribution – Distributes via email, blogs, websites, and most major social media networks.
  • Administration Tool – Transforms passive video files quickly and easily with a user friendly self-serve admin tool.
  • Interaction Hotspots – Creates multiple clickable hotspots per frame for people, places and products.
  • Interaction Modules – Assigns a multitude of interactions to each hotspot, including book, buy, find, follow, contact, share, learn, & explore. Interaction modules may be customized, including look, layout, and function.
  • In-Video Shopping Cart – Integrates with PayPal,, or any open-source shopping cart application.
  • Video Search – Assigns “click-to-share” to each interactive object and attach detailed SEO data for in-video search results.


  • Pay-Per-View – Easy and cost effective way of reaching many viewers with packages beginning at $.10 per view for 10,000 views.
  • Monthly Subscription – Ideal for clients who embrace CLVR videos as a centerpiece of their marketing strategy, and want to create and distribute multiple videos per month. Packages start at $1,000 per month.


  • CLVR offers video consulting, production and editing, if outsourcing is needed for some or all of your CLVR video initiatives.
  • CLVR can help build a marketing strategy around your CLVR video campaigns so you are reaching the potential viewers you want to convert.
  • CLVR offers administrative services for your CLVR video campaigns, including content, distribution and reporting management.